Help the Dolphin Discoveries Project Buy a Camera Before January

The Dolphin Discoveries Project is in need of a new camera, and we need to have it purchased before January. We are hoping to buy a Nikon D7100 at Black Friday, as prices may drop by up to 50 percent. We also need a hydrophone (underwater microphone) and computer, although the camera is probably the most important. If you would like to donate and help us buy new equipment, you can do so today at[link]. If the camera goes down to half price on Black Friday it will probably be in the $400 to $500 range (this includes purchasing a standard lens). I am currently doing extra work trying to raise money myself, but I’m going to need help if I am to make this goal. Many thanks to those who have already donated!

Donate here!

See a photo of the camera here!


Sea Turtles Showing Up Lethargic on Cocoa Beach

Sea turtles have been showing up lethargic on Cocoa Beach, and I found one today! Read about it here:

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