SeaWorld Rescues Seriously Injured Sea Lion

SeaWorld rescues and releases a sea lion that had a serious eye injury and is tangled in fishing line. Continue reading


Animal Rights Activists Sue Airline Unjustly

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    I believe that just because an organization calls itself an animal rights organization does not mean you should automatically support it. This quite shocking story shows that animal rights activists are not only cruel to animals with some … Continue reading

Bottle-nose Dolphin Adopts Hourglass Dolphin Calf

Researchers in New Zealand discovered that Kiwi, a wild bottle-nose dolphin, adopted an hourglass dolphin calf that was named Pee-Wee. ¬†Kiwi even nursed Pee-Wee! ¬† The most likely reason for this to happen was because Kiwi’s first calf apparently died … Continue reading