Nighttime Adventure on the Lake

Last night, while most people were getting in bed, Snails2Whales was just getting ready for a nighttime wildlife-watching trip on a lake. At night, turtles, gators, and even fish can be spotted with a headlight from a canoe.

Out on the lake, the moon was bright – so bright that we could see all the way across the lake even with the headlights off.


The first eye shining in the light of one of our headlights appeared to be a small gator. Very slowly our canoe edged closer. Suddenly, the creature went underwater. We decided to edge a little closer. The animal could have been sitting just under the surface of the water, and there was a possibility we’d be able to see it with our headlights in the shallow, crystal clear water.

Sure enough, calmly sitting in the muck was a huge turtle! When the turtle saw us he didn’t want to stick around and swam off into the lily pads.

We left the turtle alone and paddled on close to the shore, where we saw two more eyes shining in the shallow water. This time it was a gator for sure, because the two eyes staring at us instead of just one confirmed what it was.

We were surprised how close we got to the gator before it too went underwater. It did not seem to be very afraid of people, which isn’t a good sign. Hopefully no one had been feeding this one. When people feed gators, the gators begin associating people with food, and everybody knows that’s not good.


All in all, it was a great trip. Sails2Whales encourages you to have your own outdoor adventures. There are so many incredible animals that you can find anywhere, even in your own back yard. From little snails in a pond to great whales in the open ocean – just keep your eyes out for wildlife and you’re sure to find something incredible!


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