Question Contest

Hi everyone! This is Snails2Whales with another Question Contest!

True or false: female narwhals do not have tusks.

Do you know the answer? If so, post it in the comments! (either “true” or “false”)

RULES: There is only one rule: no researching. If you don’t know what a narwhal is, please read the short paragraph below


WHAT IS A NARWHAL? A narwhal is a species of whale – a very unique whale. They have long tusks on their heads that make you think of a unicorn’s horn. In fact, many people refer to narwhals as “unicorns of the sea.” Adults are white with patches of mainly brown, gray, and black, while calves are gray to dirty white. A full grown narwhal measures about 12-16 feet long.

I will post the answer on November 23, 2015


Narwhal sketch by Snails2Whales


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