Sea World Helps Rescue 19 Manatees From Drainage Pipe


When a cold snap hit Florida last February, nineteen manatees searched for warmer water to swim in. Unfortunately, they ended up congregating in a drainage pipe, and several of them became stuck! Thankfully, the Sea World Orlando rescue team showed up to help, along with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), government officials, and the local community!

Rescuers easily saved the first six manatees; however, the remaining thirteen animals were tightly jammed together inside the pipes. To save the lives of the remaining manatees, rescuers drilled through the pipes and lifted the manatees out. All of the manatees were released into a nearby pond which empties into the Indian River Lagoon.

If Sea World doesn’t care about animals, why did they spend all that time, effort, and money to save the lives of nineteen manatees in trouble? Just something for Sea World critics to think about.

For more information on how Sea World rescued these manatees, click here.


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