Question Contest

How do sea cucumbers defend themselves against predators?

A. They bite and hang on to an attacker with very sharp teeth until the predator flees.

B. They shoot out their own internal organs at a predator, which can glue the attacker’s throat shut.

C. They inflate with water (similar to what a pufferfish does) until they are bigger than the predator and scare it away, or become too big to be swallowed.

D. They sting an attacker so badly that it spits out the sea cucumber and never messes with one again.

Do you know the answer to the question? Post it in the comments! (Either A, B, C, or D). I will post the correct answer on August 7, 2015.

RULES: There is only one rule to the contest: no researching.

Hope you have fun with this Question Contest!


3 thoughts on “Question Contest

  1. I am going to guess (and I mean guess!) the answer is C. Puffing up to prevent being eaten sounds like a reasonable defensive response to danger for those little guys. (Although B is so radical that it may just be the answer because it is so unimaginable!)

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