Serious Ocean Issue!!!!!!



When you throw a plastic bottle or bag in the ocean, do you know what happens to it? Many bags and bottles break apart into tiny pieces of trash which can accidentally be swallowed by filter feeders or mistaken as tiny edible animals by fish. In worse cases, plastic bags are eaten by endangered animals (such as some species of sea turtle) or may become caught or tangled on creatures or even plants. However, many plastic bags, bottles, and other forms of trash are carried on ocean currents until they join patches of garbage afloat in the ocean. These “Plastic Islands” are found scattered all over the world, but the largest Plastic Island is located offshore in the Pacific Ocean. How big is Plastic Island? Unbelievably, Plastic Island is BIGGER THAN THE STATE OF TEXAS!!!!
It is very sad that people could throw away that much trash in the ocean. You can help prevent Plastic Island and other garbage patches in the ocean from growing by always throwing trash where it belongs: trash cans and recycling bins.

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