Animal Rights Activists Sue Airline Unjustly



I believe that just because an organization calls itself an animal rights organization does not mean you should automatically support it. This quite shocking story shows that animal rights activists are not only cruel to animals with some of their demands, they are also mean to people.

The San Diego Airline normally agrees to put up advertisements from companies and organizations, including Sea World. But when the airline refused to put up an advertisement from an animal rights organization, the animal rights activists sued the airline!

I copied a picture of the advertisement from the animal rights organization’s blog and posted it with this post. The advertisement has a picture of an animal rights activist and reads, “If you love animals like I do, please avoid Sea World.” I personally think the advertisement is incorrect, slanderous, and misleading. If it wasn’t for the San Diego Airline, the public might have seen this ridiculous poster! Good job San Diego Airline!


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