Dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus)


Dolphin or Dolphin?

Dolphins are mammals not in any way related to fish. Actually, dolphins are fish, not in any way related to mammals. Confusing right? Well, there are actually two dolphins that are in no way related. The first is the dolphin, which is a marine mammal in the order cetacea. The other dolphin, also commonly called the mahi mahi, is an offshore fish.

The common name dolphin has caused much confusion. So to keep from causing more confusion, I’m going to refer to these fish as dolphinfish, which is another name for these beautiful animals.

Other Names

Other names for the dolphinfish include dolphin, common dolphinfish, mahi mahi, mahi-mahi, lampuka and dorado.

Since the name “dolphin” has caused confusion it may be one of the reasons why some people think that dolphin mammals are fish.


Dolphinfish have a strange shape for a fish. Their heads are square shaped and large (compared to the rest of the body). Their body is largest at the head, and narrows down at the tail. The tail fin resembles that of a shark’s. The dorsal fin stretches from the head to the tail, almost the same length as the whole top of the body. The pectoral fins are small while the pelvic fins are much bigger. The anal fin is like that of the dorsal, just not as long.


Dolphinfish have patterns of greens, yellows and blues. The fins are often dark blue and their main body color yellow. Around the back is a green color and some may have lighter yellow or white on their stomachs. Littered all over their sides are spots that are the color of the fins. My drawing of a dolphinfish and dolphin mammal jumping together will give a good idea of their coloring.


Dolphinfish mainly eat smaller fish such as flying fish, mackerel, and other forage fish. They’ve also been known to eat squid, zooplankton, and crustaceans such as crabs.

Other Good Resources On Dolphinfish

Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, has a good webpage on dolphinfish.

If you like to read about dolphinfish, you might also want to read other post such as: bottle-nose dolphins, short-beaked hourglass dolphins, if Sea World’s dolphins are bored, and sooty inkfish.



2 thoughts on “Dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus)

  1. Glad you straightened me out on dolphins and dolphinfish. Mahi mahi sure does taste good, but I don’t like the idea of eating a dolphin.

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